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About Us
Mold Detectives, Inc. offers comprehensive Mold Inspection Services throughout
the Denver Metro area using state of the art methods, including our secret
weapon, Molly, the
Mold Dog.  We also use infrared technology, air sampling,
and moisture meters.

There is no other mold detection method as accurate as the dog's nose. Molly is
trained to detect over 400 species of molds in quantities as small as 500 parts
per trillion. In conjunction with other industry-standard investigation techniques,
Molly leaves mold with nowhere to hide.

Since 1996, we have been helping Metro Denver residents make the most of
their single largest investment – their homes.
Prior to starting Mold Detectives, Inc., we successfully operated a heating/ventilation/air conditioning company (HVAC) where we
landed contracts with some of Colorado's top builders and even received a nomination for "Tradesman of the Year."

We have extensive experience with homes and were once brought in by a major homebuilder as a consultant to figure out how to
efficiently heat & cool a new home design where two other companies had failed.

So when we say "We leave mold with nowhere to hide," you can trust that we know homes from the ground up.

To find out more about Mold Detectives, Inc., Molly the MoldDog and our services, call us at 303.653.7583  or email us at

Our Mission:

Mold Detectives, Inc. is a company committed to the highest standards in
mold investigations, moisture management and indoor air quality in homes.
We uphold the highest moral and ethical standards in serving our

Our Goals:

  •        To provide a quality service at an affordable price

  •        To investigate and develop a system that deals with the real
    problem of moisture intrusion in homes

  •        Answer all of our clients questions and work with them to find
    solutions to their problems

  •        Inform and educate clients on how to ensure that their family  
    and home are safe from the dangers of mold and moisture

  •        Using proactive methods in preventing moisture problems

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