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Lead Dangers:
Millions of homes built before 1978 contain lead paint. This highly toxic substance can pose serious health hazards.  Lead poisoning produces
irreversible effects on children including developmental disorders.  Although lead is no longer used in paints or water pipes, lead paint is still present
in an estimated 24 million American homes.  
Exposure to even low levels of lead can cause permanent damage in children. These serious health problems lead to nervous system and kidney
damage, learning disabilities and speech, language and behavior problems. Adults who are exposed to too much lead will lead to high blood
pressure, nerve disorders, and memory and concentration problems.
Asbestos Dangers:
Materials containing asbestos are still used today and may be found in common products such as insulation, textures and drywall, siding, ceiling tiles
and flooring in homes, commercial office buildings and schools.  We now know that if asbestos is disturbed in any fashion, it will become airborne
and become a respiratory carcinogenic. It is therefore imperative to have a trained, state certified professional inspect any property that you might
suspect have asbestos containing materials. It becomes imperative to test these materials if you are going to demolish or remodel any structure.  
Mark Inspections, Inc., helps homeowners, building owners and managers meet their regulatory requirements to test suspect materials for asbestos
prior to renovation or construction activities. To ensure quality, our certified professionals perform all field work in accordance with OSHA, EPA, AHERA
and State of Colorado protocols. Mark Inspections, Inc., provides a comprehensive report of findings that include the locations, sample results, and
assessment of all asbestos containing materials.
Asbestos removal and abatement work should be performed by a trained and certified professional.  EPA and OSHA guidelines must be strictly
adhered to for the safety and health of all persons involved.  Mark Inspections, Inc. can recommend a qualified asbestos remediation company if

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