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Colorado Mold Detection
Professional Mold Investigation for the Colorado Front Range
Mark Inspections, Inc., (formerly Mold Detectives, Inc.)
has expanded!!  Our environmental consulting services
now include comprehensive Mold, Asbestos and Lead
Inspections.  We offer our services throughout the
Denver Metro area and throughout Colorado.  We are
certified and insured professionals.  We use state of the
art methods, including air sampling, moisture meters,
infrared technology, and the secret weapon against
mold, our Mold Dog, Molly.  She is the only Mold Dog in

There is no other detection method as accurate as the
dog's nose. Molly is trained to detect over 400 species
of molds in quantities as small as 500 parts per trillion. In
conjunction with other industry-standard investigation
techniques, Molly leaves mold with nowhere to hide.
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When you're choosing a mold investigation/detection company, you want a local
Denver company that can find if you have mold issues in the shortest amount of time.
Unlike mold remediation companies, our fees are not based whether or not we find
mold, so our results are unbiased.

Our state of the art mold investigation tools combined with the powerful olfactory
senses of Molly the Molddog gets to the heart of matter in the shortest period of time.
We provide you with accurate locations of hidden mold in your home or office. By
pointing out specific areas of mold rather than entire rooms, Mold Detectives, Inc.
helps you reduce the cost of mediating the mold damage.

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