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Molly the MoldDog
Mold Detectives, Inc's Top Nose for Sniffing Out Mold

Molly is our secret weapon in the war on mold! Molly can detect over 400
species of molds, even when they are in hidden locations that other
methods cannot find. Used in conjunction with other industry standard
mold investigation techniques, Molly's nose is unparalleled in searching
out mold that can't be found by any other method.

Molly is a four year old Beagle mix rescued from the Tampa Bay Humane
society by Bill Whitstine, head trainer of Florida K9 Academy. Bill is a
pioneer in using dogs to detect arson, termites, and mold. Molly received
over 1000 hours of training from Bill to earn her certification. She is
trained every day by Mold Detectives, Inc's dog handler. All training is
conducted using the same methods used to train ATF bomb, drug, and
arson dogs. In fact, she is certified to the same standards as the ATF
dogs that search the president's airplane for explosives.

When Molly is not working, she lives at the home of her handler and
Mold Detectives, Inc's owner, Lori Peltz. She spends part of the day
doing mold investigations, part of the day training, and each day she gets a chance to run and play with our family. She's really
shown that a dog someone 'threw away' can become a happy and productive part of the Mold Detectives, Inc. family.

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